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Suggested Topics
Historic Reality :: Digital Fantasy

  • Comparing three realities 1. Energy performance certificate
                  2. Simulation   3. Real energy consumption

  • Energy calculation before and after renovation - Energy
                  consumption data before and after renovation

  • Young, fashionable, energy efficient architecture ´in the context´
                 or ´at the expense´of historic buildings and environments

  • Hygrothermal characteristics of historic materials:
                  Stone – Brick – Mortar – Wood

                  Green buildings vs. green washing

  • CFD – Comparison between calculation and
                  measurement of air flow

  • Carbon footprint towards sustainability, real or imagined

  • From operational to embodied carbon

Heritage Treasures :: Time and Money
  • Monetary cost of renovation compared to
                  value added by refurbishment

  • Contractual service specifications for the design
                  of old buildings and monuments

  • Monuments and the financing of their renovation – a comparison
                  Funding options in different countries

  • Poor, but true – rich, but fake?    Repairing the existing – 
                   Reconstruction of parts – Energy improvements –
                   Reconstruction of whole buildings?

  • Real stories of real renovations:
                   Blood, sweat and tears – Law, time and money

  • From separating materials to recycling and the art of
                   craftmanship: Opportunities for workers in renovation

Art and Craft :: Energy Retrofit
  • Europe and Asia : minimum winter temperature , maximum
                summer  temperature - Comfort in historical buildings

  • Wood structures, joints & elements:  Long-term preservation
                in relation to temperature, energy and humidity

  • Metal, iron joints, paint: Long-term preservation in the
                context of moisture, insulation, static & fire protection

  • Historic windows – detailed renovation – improvement of
                thermal & acoustic insulation

  • Above rafter insulation vs. between rafter insulation
                Construction - Building physics - Appearance

  • Basements, solid walls, vaults:
                Waterproofing and thermal insulation

  • Historic walls and ceilings after earthquakes: Retrofitting
                for energy and earthquakes at the same time

  • Internal insulation – space loss – energy gain

  • Internal insulation – a necessary evil? Dangers and solutions.
                 Examples of successful and unsuccessful projects

  • Cracks, joints, gaps in buildings and their effects:
                Airflow, moisture, energy, climate

  • Acoustics of monuments and their interiors            
                in the context of energy refurbishment

  • Re-use of historic elements in other locations –
                Replacement of missing parts

Training and Education
  • Who will be the conservators of the future? Restorers,
               Engineers, Scientists, Architects, Artists, Historians

  • Experts in the sustainability of historic architecture

  • Education, training, examples: How to train future
               Experts in energy retrofitting of historic buildings

Old buildings ::  MEP – HVAC – AC/DC
  • Special challenges for MEP in historic buildings – from chimneys
               to cable ducts – from staircases to lift shafts  –           
               Historic spaces & ventilation - Openings & fire protection

  • Heating through activated walls and wall plinths

  • Cooling of buildings & using ´waste´ heat for hot water
               and swimming pools – Silent double use of energy

  • Cooling by free night ventilation: weather protection -
                burglary protection - access control -
                soundproofing - fire protection etc.

  • Fire protection in historic buildings, staircases and roofs

  • Rainwater: use for vegetation, cooling, toilets and
                ground water instead of sewage

  • Cooling by activated mass: Floors - Ceilings - Walls 
                Taking condensation seriously

  • Ventilation systems for historic buildings -
                 Best temperature and humidity conditions

  • Energy networks and energy regions - first practical examples
                 and experience - beyond Photovoltaic

  • Lighting of historic buildings :
                 How much is good, how much is too much?

Governance  §  Legislation  §
Policy  §  Guidelines §
  • Good examples of good guidelines

  • Who, what, when and how to manage and conserve

  • Too much or too little policy and guidance

  • Rescue and recycling in the renovation or demolition 
              of non-designated buildings

  • Documentation and re-documentation

  • Architectural visualization

  • Historical documentation: From static to dynamic

  • Beyond public administration:
                An archive in every building? 

Assessment, Documentation
& Redocumentation
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