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The conference days will start with presentations in Singapore.
At 15:00 SST local time in Singapore,
which is 9:00 CET in Krems, we will have three hours of joint online meetings in both regions.

After this joint part, the congress will continue locally in Krems.
All presentations will be in English. Presentations will last 20 minutes, consisting of 15 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes for questions and handing over to the next person and presentation.


The workshop on Wednesday, 9th October 2024 will deal with practical presentations and project  applications of the WUFI ®  software. This software, developed at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, allows the simulation of dynamic processes in buildings, consisting of both heat and moisture transport under changing climatic conditions. 

Other possible presentations are in preparation: Some will be about 3D laser scanning and it´s workflow, shown in a real project application.

Photovoltaics will be presented, using panels in brick colours and free shapes for sloping historic roofs and their specific shapes. 

Specific solutions to the challenges of heating, cooling and free ventilation in historic buildings will be offered.


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